Thursday, December 24, 2009


bakemonogatari cover
I've been impressed with NisiOisiN's works lately from light novel ("Zaregoto", and "Bakemono" series), to manga(author of "Medaka Box"),and to anime(author of "Bakemonogatari", and the coming soon "Katanagatari"). His story is refreshing, despite the similarities between other works, but to be more precise it's his delivery that makes him standout amongst other author.

I really enjoy the large array of character he portray in his works, especially the certain quirkiness each character possess. You could notice his tendency of making a main character with a great sense of uselessness. Alhough it mostly happen in almost every shonen story in japan, Nisio's main character forte are saved till the very end making you gripe in anticipation till the most critical moment of the story, and sometimes you didn't even realize that they have the potential to do those things. Nisio's tendency of naming his characters should be noted as well, cause even characters that only appear on 2 pages only was given a name, or maybe he just like giving quirky names.

It's really enjoyable to see Nisin's characters facing all kinds of drama that really tickle my fancy. In addition, the quirkiness of the characters are added to the whole chemistry which makes, a plain monologue into something quite intriguing. His works are a shame to be missed, if you have the time you should read, or watch some of his works, then maybe you'll see a glimpse as to why he is one of my favorite author.
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