Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Lineup 09/10


Seems like there's a lot of people ranting about the crappiness of this Season Lineup. In a way I agree with their opinion, with the paradigm of anime shifting to panties, oppai, oshiri, and lolis (though I don't mind with the last one), and with the stench of fanservice reeks from miles away, it seems this season is heading to oblivion. But, what's worse is quality animes is somehow overshadowed by these shows and lost its shine. This season is not all craps and more craps, there are some that I thought should be noticed, and that some is . . . . . .(Alphabetically)

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu scan1
The setting is a definite cliche', the concept is not so out-of-the-box, but the humor is something that I actually crave lately. That's what I get from reading the manga, though there'll definitely be a slight difference between its anime and the manga, I'm sure it's not so much that it'll leave me undesired for this series. I also heard the light novel is doing great. So a decent animation is all it needs to be one of the favourite this season.

Dance in The Vampire Bund

Dance in The Vampire Bund Scan1
The atmosphere of the story really befits SHAFT style, where harsh reality strike with a little hint of naivety, despite the lack of quirkiness in most SHAFT's works, it fills in with the profundity of the story. Then again, maybe I just want to see SHAFT handle more action scenes, and it's good to know that it balance between deep dialogues and action sequences. Lastly, I just hope they'll do something with the character design from the manga a little more, with that done it'll be Perfecto, wait they did.


Durarara!! Scan1
Not much to say about this series, except the comeback of what I hope process-over-ending story that is applied in Baccano. Same author and same studio, so you can probably expect the same chic and suspense style of Baccano, which is rare to find nowadays.
Hanamaru Youchien/Hanamaru Kindergarten
Hanamaru Youchien Scan1
HYPER PEDO!!!!!!!!, just kidding though. What needs to be understood from this anime is that it's definitely not another KonoJi, in fact it's nowhere near that, I mean it's kindergarten for God's sake, then again it's Japan. The things that should be appreciated is the gullibility of the story, just imagine Rugrats, if the setting is at school and with a Japanese touch added to it and a pinch of genderbending, and then wala it turns into Hanamaru. Not just that the jokes are actually funny and something to look forward to.

Hidamari Sketch

Hidamari Sketch Scan1
Hidamari Sketch, have always been my haven out of all the anime I've watched. The story is simply enjoyable to watch, that I don't mind watching it over and over again. That reason maybe due to Akiyuki's influence, which leaves quite a different impression from the 4-koma, and it's really interesting to see Akiyuki's style implementation in other works that are not so gloomy.


Katanagatari Scan1
First of all, my favorite author NisiOisiN, and Second the studio that brought us "Tears to Tiara" which actually have exceptional animation, but it falls short on the story aspect, which is quite a shame. Other reason is seeing the peculiar character design put into play. If all the aspects are coming together quite nicely, it'll surely be a hit.

Well that's all my thought this season, sorry for the lack of bedazzle, but please do enjoy.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

At last ( T_T)

Renai Circulation Full Ver. is out. It's about time, while waiting for the long awaited 14th episode my patience have been stripped away piece by piece each seconds T_T. Until I found my salvation.

 Listen to it after the link...

and from other OP as well

Sorry if it's late, cause I've been in hiding for a while ~_~;. But there's a possibility that it's only a rearrangement that a fan do o_0.

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GE -good ending-

Another manga you shouldn't miss, basically the story is about a guy chasing a girl, your typical romance manga. But what makes it different is probably how much you can sympathise with the main character. I'm sure a lot of Otaku can relate to his situation and probably go through what he does (except having a bishoujo helping you along the way). Anyway read more for some spoilers.

Ironically man-tearing (T_T)

This is the first time I actually see this kind of thing in mangas(doujin and eroge adaptation not included). It's rare to see these situation, where the main chara feelings is actually stomped upon because of another guy. So this is a really fresh situation even in romance mangas, cause romance is the synonym of harem in an Otaku's dictionary, and for the girl the main chara is chasing to have another feeling for another guy before she is completely rejected or the main chara is completely taken(married) is somewhat a taboo and could be said a repulsive thing to do. If you have any boredom in the usual harem situation you should read this manga to refresh your harem heart.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


bakemonogatari cover
I've been impressed with NisiOisiN's works lately from light novel ("Zaregoto", and "Bakemono" series), to manga(author of "Medaka Box"),and to anime(author of "Bakemonogatari", and the coming soon "Katanagatari"). His story is refreshing, despite the similarities between other works, but to be more precise it's his delivery that makes him standout amongst other author.

I really enjoy the large array of character he portray in his works, especially the certain quirkiness each character possess. You could notice his tendency of making a main character with a great sense of uselessness. Alhough it mostly happen in almost every shonen story in japan, Nisio's main character forte are saved till the very end making you gripe in anticipation till the most critical moment of the story, and sometimes you didn't even realize that they have the potential to do those things. Nisio's tendency of naming his characters should be noted as well, cause even characters that only appear on 2 pages only was given a name, or maybe he just like giving quirky names.

It's really enjoyable to see Nisin's characters facing all kinds of drama that really tickle my fancy. In addition, the quirkiness of the characters are added to the whole chemistry which makes, a plain monologue into something quite intriguing. His works are a shame to be missed, if you have the time you should read, or watch some of his works, then maybe you'll see a glimpse as to why he is one of my favorite author.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday, and it turns out to be not that bad. The best I have so far actually. Though there is still something missing it is not that bad. I should entertain you guys, but laziness have always been my nature. Anyway thanks for reading it. And here's a little nothing.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My PC is fried, literally

I was in the middle of playing sauerbraten when suddenly my PC went poof, and a smell of something fried coming out of the power supply. The problem is all my materials for the blog is in that PC. I have some great news though.

By the end of this month I'll get a notebook which means I will start to actively posting again. But the weird thing is I can't access blogger from my college hotspot. You don't need to worry, cause I know a way around it. And here is a reward for listening to my pointless rant which actually getting annoyingly more often these days.

I thought a college themed video would be good, cause I'm in college or anything nevermind. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Possible Hiatus

Sorry that I've been posting nothing this week. I'm entering college this week, and I still have no notebook to access the hotspot at my campus. So to everyone who visit the blog while I was away about 50 people I think, and I have 409 visitor as of today. Which is quite impressive. If I average it out, it's about 15 view per posts. And I have to say I'm really proud of this since it's still at an early age. Thanks to all who see and comments this blog, and don't worry the blog will officially in full prime in 2 months max.

But I'll still post at least one every week, cause that's the time I'll come back home. The 2 post per day post will most probably stop for a while.

And follow my twitter or follow the RSS, so you'll know when I update my blog.

That's it for now, and again thanks a bunch for the support.
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